‘I found my brother half n@ked with my wife’

I found my brother half-naked with my wife || Two Kwekwe siblings are not seeing eye-to-eye following a row over control of a family house.

One of the siblings, James Banda, has since hauled his brother Charles before Kwekwe magistrate Mildred Mutuvi seeking a protection order against him.

James told the court that his younger brother Charles was in the habit of insulting him as well as making violent threats.

“I found him half-n_ked with my wife and he claimed he was sick and needed assistance from her. “He takes advantage of the fact that we share the house and it does not belong to either of us.


“Since the day I found him with my wife, he has been insulting and cursing me for questioning his actions and he wants us to move out and leave the house to him.

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“He has also been inciting bad behaviour to the kids and it’s not good for the kids,” said James.

James pleaded with the court to help him live in peace or order him to be evicted from the house “His behaviour towards my wife and my children forced me to come and seek a protection order.

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“He should not bar me from accessing the house because neither one of us is the owner,” he added.

Charles did not oppose the application, but opposed the other factors which his brother incited against him.

“I would never do anything to harm my brother, but the only problem separating us now are the wives who are inciting violence between us: he explained.

Presiding magistrate Mildred Mutuvi granted the order in favour of James. Charles was ordered not to physically or verbally abuse his brother, not to harass him and not to stop him from accessing the family house.

  • || I found my brother half-naked with my wife
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