I feel the surge of anger and pain- Simi Adekunle.

This past week had been a real tough one for the citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as their peaceful protest for freedom turned bloody.

All and sundry were of the view that the perpetrators would be brought to book but all hopes were crushed as the leaders of their country turned a deaf ear to the incident that occurred at the Lekki Toll gate.


The most disappointing one was the fact that their President, Honourable Buhari didn’t say a word about it in his address to the nation concerning the new development in Nigeria.

Most citizens including their celebrities expressed their disappointed and the “Duduke” songstress; SIMI ADEKUNLE wasn’t an exemption.

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She has countlessly expressed her feelings towards the incident that happened that fateful tuesday and one could tell it kept hunting her.


In a recent tweet,she said..

“I just be sitting down, doing nothing and I feel the surge of anger and pain”

I'm feeling the surge of anger and pain - Simi
Simi Adekunle

This current development concerning violence in Nigeria had been a bitter experience for all as we anticipating a real action being taken to punish the masterminds behind that hideous act.

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