‘I didn’t like hot women but prostitutes,’ Man narrates how he blew millions of Dollars

I didn’t like hot women but prostitutes || Victor nicknamed Maviki survived a fatal car accident that claimed the lives of his parents, leaving him traumatized. He then got an R3 million Road Accident Fund (RAF) payout following the accident. He was interviewed on I Blew it.

They told me I was going to receive R3 million. They took R700,000 from it and I was left with R2,3 million. I gave my brothers R500,000 then I invested R1 million because I did not want to spend it. I was left with R800,000, Maviki said.

Maviki’s brother Corlette said they were given R500,000.

He was given R2,3 million and he gave us half a million. I took R100,000 to buy myself a bakkie.


Maviki went on,

They gave me R20,000 for shopping as a way of relieving stress. I took a taxi to the shopping mall and bought a lot of gadgets: a phone, a tablet, a fancy watch and clothes. I ordered double tots at restaurants instead of a single tot. I overspent because I knew I still had a lot of money.

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Maviki’s neighbour Zanele said people’s colours shine when they have money.

Maviki went on:

I bought a VW Golf 5 for R178,000. Whenever you were with me, you wouldn’t spend your own money.

Zanele said he started making new friends and they started drinking all day and all night. Whenever he passed by, he would buy people alcohol and food without being asked to.


Corlette told I Blew It:

He used to eat at home, but those days he would buy takeaways. I didn’t know he was getting up in Menlyn and Sandton. I would see him on Facebook with bottles of expensive alcohol and clothes. He bought new clothes every day.


Zanele went on:

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He would carry a bag with money wherever he was. He was buying expensive sneakers.

Maviki admitted that he spent a lot on sneakers:

I had about eight pairs for each brand. I bought shoes for costing R10,800 and the most expensive sneaker I bought was for R3,800. I remember I bought another for R2,500. I bought a formal shoe for R15,000.

We would go out to look for hot women but I wasn’t into women. I preferred prostitutes.

I messed up when I met this woman, I really liked her so I stopped going to prostitutes. I would go shopping with her. One day I went into the bank and withdrew R15,000 and proceeded with her to a high-end shop and told her to pick whatever she wanted. Anything at any price, I would just swipe. I also gave her pocked money, sometimes R2,000 sometimes R5,000 and bought her expensive alcohol to make her live like a queen.

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I opened a car wash and fast foods business but it did not go well.

His brother said the car wash was their new drinking spot with his friends.

When the R800,000 was finished, I went to withdraw the R1 million investment from the bank. I first withdrew R120,000 to pay some of my debts then I realised I could actually access my money so I would go two or three times a month to withdraw until all my investiments were finished, Maviki told I Blew It.

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His friends have since deserted him

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‘I didn’t like hot women but prostitutes,’ Man narrates how he blew millions of Dollars 

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