‘I did not know Tatelicious was transgender when we had sex’: Gambian man claims

I did not know Tatelicious was transgender when we had sex || A Gambian man has come out alleging that he did not know Tateliscious was a man when they slept together at her place after a night out.

In a video made by his friend who claims his 23-year-old friend wasn’t aware Tateliscious is a transgender when the engaged s_xually.

The explosive allegations also include claims the man was given wine and they used some cocaine before he engaged in the act.

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The two reportedly recorded a Live video in the act and the guy is trying to vindicate his friend.

Watch video below;

Zimbabweans were quick to defend their controversial Queen Tate saying the man knew fully well that Tate is a transgender.

Here are some of the comments;

And when they shoot that video was he also drunk? ,coz Tate asked him in front of the (camera) everything he said he admitted that Tate told him everything before they start their relationship ,so you go sit down l can see you’re just here for attention

Privilege Privy Nonsense! He is an adult and must take full responsibility for his actions and whatever consequences arise from them
Shaleen Muchaziwepi Stop lying man if he was drunk that day,why did he want to go back to queen house the next day
“What are you trying to prove ? The guy is 23 & an adult he knew that Tate was a transgender when they shot that video he was not drunk , he’s an adult & must take full responsibility of his actions”
Lilian Iwuchukwu Nwaokorie The stupid guy even lying that he had s_x with c_ndom while in their video the transgender was asking him not to release in side his body lies upon lies for me he did everything with his clear eye

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  1. Very soon we start asking women to prove that they are originally female before sex, but if they change their sex the Adams apple will always be they.

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