I couldn’t believe that I would one day host such a group of people in their capacities- Canary Mugume on why he cried on his wedding day

Canary Mugume was at the centre of the news when he got married to his long-time fiancée turned wife, Fiona Naggirinya better known as Sasha Ferguson.

Social media was awash with hundreds of sleek pictures and video clips from the proceedings. The union earned its place among the top weddings of the year.


In a new feature with wedding publication My Wedding, the NBS journalist opened up about why he was overwhelmed with emotion at the wedding.


“It got me so emotional, I cried. I cried during my brother’s speech. When my mother got hold of the microphone, I cried again. I was overwhelmed by the mere thought of my story and that of my family. My background is humble. I couldn’t believe that I would one day host such a group of people in their capacities. It was so much for me,” Canary revealed.

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The journalist further revealed that the couple never saw breaking up as an option. He reveals that they vowed never to break up in the very first year of dating.


“We made our marriage vow in the first year that we started dating. There’s nothing like, we’re going to be separated at all. Even before we got married, that was clear. Whatever happens, we can’t break the relationship. We’ve had ups and downs but that’s one thing we had in our minds. This relationship is here to stay. So, we had one choice but to make it work” Canary revealed.

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However, no road comes without challenges. He revealed that the relationships got a few bumps with the major one being the Covid-19 lockdown.

Sasha who had gone to Germany failed to return to Uganda. She stayed there for about a year. This, he says, was rough on him and her but they had to make it work.

“We’d talk, chat, video call every day just to keep close. This helped us keep the affection alive.” He stated.

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Canary proposed after the couple had moved in together for about a year and had discussed marriage and felt ready for it.

My wedding further revealed that Sasha was invited to what was supposed to be a date with her best friend.  Canary who was set for the night waited at the venue with Sasha’s best friend’s boyfriend. It would later turn out to be a double date, but the real deal was that it was proposal time. “Little did she know…” brags Canary, and from the photos we saw online, it was a ‘Yes’ for the gentleman.

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