“I am sorry for sleeping with you wife, Please return to your her”- Branic Benz to David Lutalo

"I am sorry for spoiling your marriage, please return to your wife"- Branic Benz to David Lutalo

Upcoming artiste Branic Benzie has cried out to local musician David Lutalo for forgiveness after breaking up his marital home.

Years back, the “Kwasa” singer was left weeping like a puppy after his baby mama identified as Sharon Walukagga dumped him for an upcoming artiste known as Branic Benzie.

Despite picking Benzie from the village in Luweero and introduced him to the streets of Kampala and his Da Hares group, Lutalo later came to learn that Benzie was cheating on his wife and when he tried to ask Sharon about their relationship, she informed him that he was writing songs for her.

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Lutalo and Benzie could from then turn into bitter enemies thereby even chasing him from his music group and even went ahead to release “Nnaalikulese mukyalo” song for him.

Filled with remorse and shame, Branic Benzie through a live social media feed has asked for a second chance from David Lutalo revealing how he can no longer entertain a lengthy beef with a person who mentored and ushered him into the limelight yet he is responsible for his pain.

“I pray that David accepts my apology and let bygones be bygones. Error is to human and we are all men who are capable of falling to such temptations. I apologise to my big brother and former boss to forgive me for all the pain I caused to him caz my heart is also clotting as we can no longer talk and associate. Enough is enough we need to end this drama,” said Branic Benzie.

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Benzie has also recorded a reconciliation song to David Lutalo dubbed “Nsaaba tudingaane” where he cries out for mercy and a second chance from David Lutalo.

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