I almost died! Singer Angella Katatumba shares how she felt when her first boyfriend dumped her

Have you ever suffered a heartbreak? Well, Singer Angella Katatumba has ever been there and she has narrated the horrific moments she went through when her first boyfriend dumped her.

During an interview on Urban TV on Thursday, Katatumba shared that after she was dumped, she lost at least 38kgs in only three weeks for she spent days and nights crying, begging God to end her life.

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“When he dumped me, just know he was my first boyfriend. It was a horrific moment in my love life because I lost 38kgs in just three weeks. All I was eating was only ice. And when I always woke up I was like Jesus I can’t believe I’m still alive. Jesus kill me,” she said.

Katatumba further revealed that after she had started healing, her lover came back but she was no longer interested to have makeup with him, given the heartbreaking condition he made her go through.

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“You know I was feeling pain all over me but I didn’t know where it was coming from. It was a horrible horrible situation and I learned from it, and when he came back, I eventually left the marriage, I was like nigger if you can do that, am out,” she said.

Despite going through that horrible breakup experience, Katatumba recently dumped her lover, also singer Daddy Andre for failing to take an HIV/AIDS test. Andre had already introduced Katatumba to his friends and family, not forgetting the millions of shillings he had injected in her lavish lifestyle.

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