Husband steals wife’s underwear for ritual

Husband steals wife’s underwear for ritual || A CUSTOMARY Court in Ibadan, Nigeria, on Wednesday dissolved a marriage involving a trader, Sadia Abass, and her husband, Azeez.

The wife had petitioned the court over allegations that Azeez stole her u_nderwear for ritual, NAN reports.

Sadia expressed fear for her life if she continued to live under the same roof with a man planning to use her for something diabolic.

The trader said her husband’s attitude had made the marriage miserable and unattractive.

“When the ill-treatment reached its peak, I discovered that my un_derwear was missing. He denied seeing it. Three days later, the un_derwear resurfaced where I had checked over and over and I made him realize his evil intention toward me.

“Only God knows what would have happened or might still happen to me because I have made it clear to him that I will not continue with the relationship. From when I got married to him, he has not been responsible. Even during my pregnancy and after, he never showed care.

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“Despite his irresponsibility, he usually attempts to rape me even when I’m not in the mood and I reported him to his parents. Besides, Azeez has been monitoring me all over the place,” Sadia stated.

Azeez refuted all the allegations while under cross-examination.

He claimed that the wife repeatedly plunged him into debt.

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“Sadia does not wish me well, all the money that I was supposed to spend on my business usually fall into her hands. She always returns home around midnight.

“It affected our child negatively. His teachers told us that he sleeps when other children are learning. Most of the time, I buy food to eat when she refuses to cook. Every now and then, she nags and packs in and out of the house.”

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Ademola Odunade, President of the court, in his judgment, held that there was no more love between the duo.

He pronounced the marriage dissolved “in the interest of peace and harmony”.

Odunade granted custody of the only child to the plaintiff.

He ordered the defendant to pay N5,000 monthly for the child’s feeding, in addition to being responsible for his education and basic welfare.

|| Husband steals wife’s underwear for ritual ||

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