Husband Returns From Malawi, Catches Wife Pants Down In Police’s Car chewing them selves

Husband Returns From Malawi, Catches Wife Pants Down In Police’s Car chewing them selves ||  A Chitungwiza man got the shock of his life upon his return from a Malawi trip when he allegedly caught his wife pants down in a car parked in front of her parent’s house.

Slagie Milanzi, 44, reportedly caught his wife, Chengetai Jingini, 26, in a Mercedes Benz in Zengeza 3 when he returned from Malawi at around 11pm.

According to H Metro, the car belongs to one of Milanzi’s friends, a police officer with CID Chitungwiza, identified as Makuvatsine. Makuvatsine denied bedding Jingini, expressing ignorance over the story that has sent tongues wagging in Zengeza 3, where he frequently visits to quench his appetite for alcohol.

“Yes, I know Milanzi as my friend, but I never dated his wife and I am not aware that he caught his wife with another man,” said Makuvatsine.

The docket is being held at St Mary’s Police Station The two are set to go for counselling with the chaplain this week. Milanzi said what appalled him most was that his wife was outside her parents’ house, suggesting that the parents knew about the alleged affair.

Milanzi showed this publication messages sent by Jingini to him saying she wanted to enjoy her life because he married her before she had fun at the age of 20 years.

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Milanzi claims to have been verbally assaulted by Jingini following their altercation. “I returned from Malawi after being told that my child was unwell and on arrival, I took my car to my in-laws’ house and upon arrival, I saw people having s_x in a parked car outside the gate.

“When my wife saw that it was my car, she told the lover to speed off and I watched them go in a Mercedes Benz. “Ndakaudzurudzwa nezvimwe zvisingataurike na mai vakabereka mudzimai wangu pabhawa pazere vanhu,” said Milanzi.

Husband Returns From Malawi, Catches Wife Pants Down In Police’s Car chewing them selves
Husband Returns From Malawi, Catches Wife Pants Down In Police’s Car chewing them selves

“She used all her insulting vocabulary to undress me because I had slapped my wife after I caught her having s_x in a parked silver Mercedes Benz with one of my friends, who is a police detective based at Chitungwiza Police Station.

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“My mother-in-law said the amount of lobola I paid was not worth confronting Chengetai for bedding other men. “Hanzi musiye afare nekuti mari yawakabvisa ishoma chaizvo.

“This detective who has wrecked my marriage used to beg me for assistance. I was not aware that he was salivating to have s_x with my wife and that affected me very much.

“My mother-in-law vowed to destroy my business and further threatened to bewitch me because I confronted her over giving my wife space to date other men.

“Chengetai left our two-year-old child under the custody of her mother to have quality time with that detective and they had fun at a local bar,” said Milanzi, showing the video footage of his wife partying.

Contacted for comment, Jingini confirmed the incident, saying her mother responded according to what Milanzi had done. “Akauya pamba pamai vangu achiva popotera kuti muri kusara nemwana achirara nemuClD mumota pagate pavo,” she said.

“I am sure he got what he deserves and I cannot respect him at the expense of my mother who gave birth to me, never! “The issue has spread throughout the neighborhood and it has affected my family so much,” said Jingini, before her mother ordered her not to speak to the publication.

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Jingini’s mother could neither deny nor confirm assaulting Milanzi. “I have no comment on what you have been told by him,” she said in anger as she returned to her house.

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