Husband killed by Wife’s boyfriend: “I told him the man is dangerous”

Husband killed by Wife’s boyfriend: “I told him the man is dangerous” || I TOLD you to stop cheating, but you never listened. These were the last words Sphiwe Msimango said to her husband as he lay in the street dying.


Even people in the community knew he was cheating and knew who his small house was.

She warned him it would end badly. She was right. Obed was stabbed to death on Saturday, allegedly by his small house’s lover.

The last argument they had over Obed’s cheating was on the day before he died.

“He used to come home late and sometimes didn’t sleep at home because he was with the small house,” said Sphiwe.

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“I told him he was hurting me and it was a dangerous game he was playing.”

The 26-year-old mum of two from Plastic View, east of Tshwane, said she warned her husband to stay away from other men’s girlfriends as it would one day cost him his life. But instead of listening to her, her husband allegedly beat her.


Sphiwe said she tried to talk woman to woman with the alleged small house but the woman also refused to leave her husband.


“She told me it was my husband who should leave her,” said Sphiwe.

She was home on Saturday afternoon when she heard people calling out her name.

“I went outside. A neighbour told me to rush. My man had been st_bbed. I rushed to the scene. I found him lying in a pool of blood.

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“He was still alive but looked dead. I told him this is how cheaters end up. Dead.”

The day before the incident, she and her man argued about his infidelity. She knew the woman he was seeing and her boyfriend.

“I told him the man is dangerous and their affair was known by a lot of people, which will put his and our lives in danger. If only he’d listened,” she said.

Obed’s cousin, Alex Murundzi, was heartbroken. He said his cousin was no angel, but he didn’t deserve to die like that.

“He was a father and husband. His family needed him. I hope the man responsible for this will be arrested,” he said.

A resident, who saw the incident, was with his wife when he saw two men chasing each other. One of the men was carrying a knife.

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“He managed to catch up with Obed and st_bbed him in the back. I screamed at him to stop, but the man kept st_bbing him.”

He picked up a rock to try and chase the man away, as he was scared of him. He said he called for help, but the man fled.

“We chased him, but he got away with the help of his friends,” he said.

A murder case was opened at Garsfontein cop shop. No arrests have been made.

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  • || Husband killed by Wife’s boyfriend: “I told him the man is dangerous”


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