How to win a girl’s heart in 3 days

How to win a girl’s heart in 3 days

Be confident

When you spot a girl you love, don’t waste time to approach her. Be confident and don’t seem as if you are trying our luck but seem as if you know you will definitely get her. Its all about the impression. Girls do not waste time on guys who are not confident.

Do not praise her

When you approach her, do not say ‘hey, beautiful…” Just introduce yourself and ask for her name. She has been praised by many people and if you join those many guys who sing praises to her you become ordinary and uninteresting. Do not be ordinary. If she is beautiful, just ignore the beauty, you can complement her dress instead. She is going to think, “Why is this guy not praising me yet everyone does, does he think i’m ugly.” That way she will be emotionally attached to you.

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Get her contact

If you have time, ask her a few questions about where she lives, where she studies…just to strike a conversation and lesson the tension. Tell her you want her number because you want to speak to her again. If you are firm enough and confident she will submit to you. If you are a legend, give her your number and ask her to contact you. Once she contacts you, you know you are in! You know you are on your way to win a girl’s heart.

Don’t be needy, learn to wait

Once you get her number, do not call her that very day. learn to wait. Every girl know the people she gave her number and when you call she will remember you. Do not fear she will forget you. Once you wait she will get emotionally attached to you as she will be asking herself, “I’m beautiful, but why isn’t he contacting me like other guys?”

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Time to call her

When you call her, just say, “Hi, I’m Tom.” Do not tell her your full name because she remembers. If she says Tom who, tell her, “It’s a wrong number,” and cut the phone. If she is interested in you she will remember you, or call you back after pretending to forget about you.”

Setup a date

Tell her about the date, and the time you will go for a date. Do not ask her. Give her instructions. Once you beg her you will appear needy and she will not be interested in you. After a short cconversation about you asking her how she has been, go on to say, “Rebecca, lets meet at Amiggos Restaurant at 2pm on Monday.” Wait for her response. If she gives excuses, then tell her its okay if she isn’t interested. Be firm. If she loves you she will be like, “No, i don’t mean that, i will be busy, what about Tuesday?” then you know you are in. If she says yes to the date outright,

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congratulations you win a girl’s heart in 3 days!

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  1. I like this esure just because I think something hw can girl love someone in 3 days but now I know hw to explend my love to a girl thanks u for advice us gd bye

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