How to use your phone to get into her pants…

How to use your phone to get into her pants …  || You are taking long on foreplay because you have no idea how to build-up for sex. Do not think you impress because you can go an hour on just foreplay.

If a woman is ready for you, she will get you inside her as fast as she can. And don’t start arguing that women don’t have any control during the sex process.

Actually, women have more control during intimate time than men do. All she has to do is lay you on your back, and the next thing she will do is position herself well and slide that stick inside. Remember, if it is hard enough, it will just find its way no matter how tight she is.

Anyway, back to my foreplay kings. Please note that foreplay starts the moment you decide that the sex is happening. Please make sure this is mutual.

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Ask her if she will give you some and if she tells you to find the place and time, know that you will get some. Until you do, make sure every time you talk to her, you leave her wet.

Men must know that women get horny too. Women are not just turned on by the physical. You will be surprised how easily we are turned on.

What you say, the gestures you throw our way, those middle of the night phone calls will get us wanting you.

If it is an office setting and the person you want to lay is there, the gestures alone will get you some.

Call her and tell her exactly what you want to do to her behind closed doors – just a reminder that these doors can be anywhere, from car to bedroom.

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Don’t oversell yourself. You know what you are capable of. Please do not start pulling Hollywood moves on the phone when you can only pull Nansana moves in the bedroom.

Sometimes your phone game will get you into her pants faster than gifts, lunch, and diner dates. It doesn’t make her a whore. It only makes her believe that you are interested in laying her and getting to know her.

Like I said, I don’t know much about heart issues, but I am a master of the bedroom. I know that calling a woman up and telling her to lay on her back and imagine you are right there with her, telling her that you would slightly turn her on her side and plant a kiss on her lips will melt her.


Tell her to imagine your tongue on her nipple. Build up that sex episode from the day you both decide you want to do it. Tell her you can’t stop thinking about a time you get time to treat her body like the temple that it is.

Then the day you meet, that foreplay will be just a reminder of what you have been waiting for. It will be more of action than trying to get ready for the action.

Till next time, make her wet!



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