How to Tell if a Guy is Into You: 22 Hints He Just Can’t Hide

How to Tell if a Guy is Into You: 22 Hints He Just Can’t Hide|| Figuring out if someone likes you can be difficult sometimes. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This is how to tell if a guy is into you.

Maybe you have had your eye on someone for a while now, and you might have had several conversations, even been on what could have been described as dates. But now you have reached a point where you have serious feelings for him, and yet, you still aren’t sure whether he feels the same way about you. Have you ever found yourself wondering how to tell if a guy is into you?

Guys work differently than girls and tend to be less expressive when it comes to dealing with their emotions. While girls prefer to make it pretty obvious if they like someone, guys can often put on a more macho appearance so that they don’t lose face if a girl rejects them.

How to tell if a guy is into you
We’ve all wondered how to tell if a guy is into you. If you are trying to find out whether your crush *or the guy you have been seeing for a while* is really into you, look out for these 22 signs, which are very good indicators that he does!
#1 He uses his words. Okay, let’s just get this one out in the open right away. There are some instances when a guy will just do the ‘normal’ thing and tell you. If he does, for goodness sake, believe him! If he is putting his feelings on the line like that, he must be pretty into you. Hip hip hooray!


#2 He asks you questions. If he is asking you a ton of questions, it’s because he wants to find out everything about you. He wouldn’t bother wasting his time and energy doing this on a girl he doesn’t like, so if you feel a little like you are being grilled, it’s only because he really wants to get to know you better!

#3 He likes what you like. Now it may just be a coincidence that your favorite band/book/restaurant is also his, but it is more likely that he is trying to find common ground with you because he likes you.
If you have a particular hobby and you suddenly find him knowing all about it, or tagging along because ‘he’s always wanted to try it,’ he is probably just finding ways to spend more time with you.

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#4 He gets close. Look at his body language when you are talking to him. Is he turned towards you? Does he keep leaning in when you speak? Does he occasionally touch your arm mid-conversation?
If he is trying to get close to you and his body language is concentrated on you, this is because he is literally hanging on your every word.


#5 He makes a beeline for you. Every time you two are in the same room together, does he come up to you right away? This is because he can’t wait to talk to you and wants to spend as much time in your company as he possibly can.

#6 He seems kind of strange whenever you are with him. Believe it or not, guys can get themselves all worked up about a girl they like too! If he starts acting differently whenever you are hanging out, it is probably because he is trying to make himself seem more attractive to you.
Does he get louder and start showing off and making jokes, or does he go all quiet and shy? Keep a lookout, and if you find your crush’s behavior changing, it probably means you’re having a serious effect on him!


#7 He totally ignores you. Often what can seem like hate is actually love. If a guy basically ignores you completely, it might not be what you think! If you make him feel nervous and tongue-tied, his nervousness could come across as abrupt and rude. So give him a chance, go easy on him, and see if you can’t make him feel more relaxed.

#8 His body is turning towards you. Next time you are with him, check out his body language. If his body is turned in towards you, it probably means he is into you. He is showing himself off to you, but also it shows that his attention is fixated on you – he is not about to get distracted by anything or anyone else.


#9 He buys you a drink. Simple but effective. If a guy asks you if you’d like a drink, it’s because he wants to show you that he’s chivalrous. If you like him, make sure you say yes! This might seem like an obvious one for how to tell if a guy is into you, but it usually is true.

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#10 He asks you for your number… and then calls you. If a guy asks for your number, it’s a sure-fire way to know that he is interested in you. He obviously wants to keep that connection going and hopefully meet up with you again.


Of course, there are some guys out there who take those digits and then disappear into the night. So if he calls or texts you, then you are on to a good thing for sure!


#11 He wants to be Facebook buddies. If he’s adding you on Facebook, this is a really great sign. He is clearly interested enough in you to want to get to know you better, to find out more about you, and daydream over you while checking out your profile pictures! It also shows that he has nothing to hide.


#12 He makes a move. If a guy goes in for a kiss, it’s because he thinks you are seriously hot stuff! It may seem obvious, but then again, him making a move may get lost in translation if he is feeling a little nervous.
So make sure you pay attention to him, and if he goes for that little lean in when there is a lull in conversation, then take the hint and kiss him!


#13 He makes lots of eye contact. If he keeps looking at you, it means he just simply can’t help himself. This boy is seriously attracted to you so make your move now!


#14 He looks away. Okay, so sometimes guys are a little shy. So if he can’t maintain eye contact with you, keeps staring at the floor and mumbling into his t-shirt, it’s probably because he likes you so much that you’re making him a little nervous!


#15 He asks if you have a boyfriend. No, he isn’t just nosy! He wants to find out if you are free and single! Duh!


#16 He gets all fidgety. Another telltale sign of nerve here – if the guy is getting all twitchy around you, it’s probably because he thinks you are pretty dreamy, and you’re making his stomach go all fluttery! And this is one of the ways for how to know if a guy is into you.

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#17 He acts all macho. If the guy you have a crush on suddenly goes all alpha male all the time when you are around, it is probably his way of showing off. He wants you to see him as manly and protective. And this is his way of doing it, even if it might actually make him look like a bit of a doofus.


#18 He gets all protective. Be it a comforting arm around your shoulder, stirring you through a crowd or sticking up for you when things get a bit fairy, this guy is all about making sure you are safe and sound – how nice is that?

#19 He gets jealous. There is nothing worse than seeing the person you like with someone else. If he gets jealous when you talk to other guys, it is because he wants you all for himself. And that’s how to tell if a guy is into you for sure!

#20 He remembers the little things. That movie you said you wanted to see – he got tickets for it. Your favorite restaurant – he’s taking you to it. That random necklace you mentioned you liked weeks ago – he bought it for you. This guy is paying attention to everything you say, and going all out to impress!

#21 He teases you. A guy making fun of you is usually just his silly way of flirting. When will they learn?!

#22 He arrives early and stays late. Whatever you have asked him to do, whether it’s a dinner date or helping you out with a project, he always gets there before you and stays after everyone else has gone home.
He clearly wants to spend as much time getting to know you as he possibly can. Awwww.


How to know if a guy is into you doesn’t have to be tricky. So memorize this list of 22 signs to watch out for, and next time your crush appears, we’ll bet that he’ll be doing some if not all of these! ||| How to Tell if a Guy is Into You 



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