How To Reverse Too Much Salt In A Dish

How To Reverse Too Much Salt In A Dish || There is nothing so mortifying and disappointing than adding too much salt in a dish.

Imagine you’ve invited your fiends and guests over for dinner or lunch, upon sampling the dish before putting it in the serving bowls, you realize it’s too salty. The horror! The scandal! The Outrage!


Reasons Why Food Can Get Too Salty

Some foods come already salted or are high in sodium, you may have got too enthusiastic with the salt shaker (happens to the best of us), or you’re cooking the ingredients for the dish separately so you have all salted them then mixed them, and the result is a nightmare.

It’s also awkward to keep apologizing to the guests throughout the meal about too much salt in the food.


You might also be tempted to throw the food away altogether and order takeout or settle for a less cool dish.

Don’t worry, we can salvage the situation, we may still be able to serve the dish and still go on with the meal as planned.

Put a potato in it!

This is the best and most popular method to fix this issues.

Just peel a potato or 2 and add them in the salty dish. Leave them inside for a while.

Potatoes will absorb the excess salt through osmosis. The good potato has a high osmotic potential.

Add more liquid.

Usually water works just fine or other liquids like milk or broth, functioning as a base liquid for your dish. Add a little bit at a time and simmer.

Add a sweetener

This is my favorite cheat code, when I have over salted a dish, I add a little sugar or sweet chilli or honey, this will help to balance out the saltiness. It has worked for me several times.

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Add An Acidic food.

Foods like lemons, limes, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar or wine vinegar or even mustard can neutralize that salty taste in food.

Remember not to overdo it to avoid the after taste so a little at a time will do.

You Can Add More

If you still have the ingredients, cook them on the side without salt and add them to the salty food and they will absorb and evenly distribute the salt.

You can rinse the salt off.

I’ve mostly done this with meat or pasta. If I’ve oversalted, I just rinse it off with running cold water and re-season it or reheat it in the microwave.

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How To Reverse Too Much Salt In A Dish
How To Reverse Too Much Salt In A Dish

Add Starchy Foods.

You can add uncooked rise, couscous or pasta, they will absorb the salt.

Add More Green Veggies

Especially if it’s a salty soup, just add the greens, spinach and other green leafed veggies, they will absorb the salt.

Add A Dairy Product

Greek Yogurt, heavy cream, unsalted white sauce, buttermilk, these can all neutralize the excess salt.

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