How to promote your beauty brand online post-pandemic

The uncertain time that the pandemic has brought has changed the world for good and for worse. One of the most affected industries with Covid is the beauty industry. Many retail stores of the beauty brands like Sephora and luxury brands like Gucci have closed due to the rough loss they have faced over the year. It has created a lot of unemployment in the industry.


However, it has also created many opportunities in the virtual world. Many beauty brands have turned their course towards social media and are advertising themselves heavily than any other means. As the consumers are reducing their physical contact and restraining themselves from going to the stores, they are preferably finding online shopping to be really helpful in making purchases.


So, how would you increase your online presence? Here are some beneficial tips for you,


Testimonials – One thing that people rely on the most is – references! If their favorite influencer says the product is fabulous, then they’d buy the product in a blink of an eye. It is the faith that the audiences have in their influencer. So, go ahead and find an influencer who can endorse your product and publicize it to their audience. And not only that, if they can give a testimonial – you will be able to post it on your website and other socials.

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Social Media – Being on social media has become more crucial than ever. Being online doesn’t just mean having a website of your own, but having a social media account on different channels like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Creating engaging content that attracts different eyes and eventually draws them to your website will help you grow organically. To be on social media is to be available 24×7 for your customers and followers. Having regular interaction with them will increase your visibility, and this helps you in growing your business.


Collaborations – Every influencer or brand collabs with other brands, not just to interact with peers but to increase their follower base. It is beneficial to both parties as the audiences of either side get to know the other. Collaborating with the other brands that complement yours would be a great advantage. For example, if you are a skincare brand, you can collaborate with someone who creates cosmetics or makeup artists. It will give either of you exceptional visibility.

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If you don’t know how to reach out to other brands or influencers, don’t worry. There is an efficient email search platform that can guide you in getting the email addresses. As everyone finds it comfortable to pursue deals through email addresses, it is ideal for you to find the official email addresses of the people you wish to get connected with. And, is just the right tool for you! By filling in just the name and company of the person you’re looking for, you will be able to get their email address. is an email search tool powered by AI. It helps you get access to the professional email address of anyone in the world. It is also the Linkedin email extractor that comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. Once you have this, you can access the email addresses of the connections you search for on this professional platform.

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Keep a tab – Engaging with your audience isn’t just the only way to increase your base. You also need to follow up and track how your brand is doing amongst your peers. Observe how your competitors are engaging on their platforms. Monitor your online presence regularly by examining the conversations, hashtags, and by organic search. It will provide you an extensive data as to where you stand compared to your competitors.


Do you know? The worldwide revenue of skincare products alone was $136 billion in 2019 is expected to increase to $169 billion by 2025. Marketing isn’t just about letting your product out in the market but much more. Marketing your beauty products is like creating a personality of its own. Stay relevant, utilize the ongoing trends to your advantage. Initiate conversations with your audience and get on to the personal level so they can find you relatable. Applying the above tactics will ease you in gaining a much more media presence.

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