How to kiss Girlfriend on the first date

Everyone would want to be kissed on the first date

How to kiss on the first date: Now that you have succeeded in getting your first date, its time to become a legend and kiss on the first date. In case  you are struggling to get the first date, check out our article: How To Win A Girl’s Heart In 3 Days

Stay confident and be a man

Whilst on the date, stay confident and show her that you are the man. Do not appear needy, ask or beg her for anything.

How to conduct yourself the date

If you want to kiss on the first date, your job is just to ask question during the date and to listen to responses. Ask her about your life, education, family etc but reveal very little information about yourself. She wants to do her own research and dig information about you. Do not be an open book.

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Wait for her signal

When it comes to physical contact, wait for your lady to give you a signal about your next move. Ladies always give signals but men are too slow to read them.

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Watch body language

Feeling cold signal: If she starts showing like she is feeling cold, its time to warm her and to introduce a bit of physical contact. Wrap your hand around her and kiss her on the cheek before advancing to the mouth.

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She gets up close and personal: if she starts getting close to you, its time to advance and meet her midway.

She becomes submissive: When she starts acting like your wife, make your move and get that kiss on the first date

She begins to fidget around you: Fidgeting is a sign that she wants body contact just knwo she wants a kiss on the first date

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She puts her head on your shoulder: If she gives you this sign just know you have made it.

She gives you intense eye contact: if she gives you eye contact just know she is wants you more and you have been given permission to kiss

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