How to deal with a man with big dick!

 How to deal with a man with big dick! || Men believe that every woman loves a huge machine gun. And because of this illusion, some men have even invested in enlarging their machines.

This week I read about a woman who filed for divorce after a week the wedding because she can’t stand the husband’s big machine gun.

I know that men walk around like gods because of how big their machine guns are. A man walks around with his 9 inches thinking that every woman that sets her eyes on it will want to ride it.

Let me break it to you that women do not like the extra big machine guns. In fact, some women have run away after the first ride because of how big you are.

So, this is to the women; I know sometimes it comes off like an anaconda of sorts. You do not know how one man can represent about three of your exs. But trust me, some men, God gave with one heart.

You do not ever have to leave him because of how big he is. Unfortunately, on the first try, some women got their flash dick and married it and now have to ride it for better for worse.


There is a way around that big gun. And trust me, once you have tasted and mastered how to ride it, you may just dress up and leave the day you meet a flash disk.

When you go to war with a big machine gun, be very sure that you are lubricated enough before he makes his introduction to your soul.

Trust your waters to handle the ship. Big machine guns are not for the dry land. If you don’t trust your water capacity, do not let that ship in. You will tear up, and the next thing you will need is a bag of ice.

Not all sex styles are meant for a big machine gun. You will end up collapsing, and the poor man will have to engage with your family to intervene.

Do not at any one point allow that you can go doggy. It is a lie. By the time he is done, your internal organs might be rearranged. Do not attempt.

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Woman on top will work perfectly because then, as a woman, you get to decide how much you can take in. You will bite what you can chew and enjoy riding it.

Seated wheelbarrow might also damage a few organs. You might want to stay away from it simply because the machine gun will have full access and might do you wrong.

Spooning will work like magic. But do not over open up because you will give that machine full access, and things might not be as sweet as expected.

Seated rear entry will make you feel like your heart is being poked. Stay away from it and instead embrace reverse cowgirl, where you get to limit how much the anaconda can access

A good machine gun lets you in on why God created sex, but if on a man who thinks that is all it takes to keep you cumming, your choochkie might never recover.

A man with a big machine gun and hasn’t mastered how to use it will keep losing good choochkie because he keeps tearing them up.

I don’t believe that size matters. I believe in the good delivery of the game, no matter how small or big the equipment is.

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Till next time, learn to work that machine gun and enjoy one of God’s best inventions.










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