How to catch a cheating girlfriend or boyfriend

How to catch a cheating girlfriend or boyfriend ||  How to catch a cheating girlfriend or boyfriend. Catch cheating boyfriend or girlfriend: It is important for you to protect your heart so that you are not hurt by cheaters.

Use Whatsapp to catch a cheating boyfriend

Whatsapp web allows you to log on to a PC with your mobile phone Whatsapp. Take your partner’s phone and log on to

Once you log in Whatsapp web, you will be able to check their messages anytime when they are online.

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Use car tracker to track their car

Another effective way is to use the car tracker to know your lover’s whereabouts. Borrow their car for a day and go to a car tracking service for them to install a tracker on the car.

You will be able to track there wherever they go.

Constantly check his/her phone

Always look for ways to check the phone for any pointers that they may be cheating. If your lover doesn’t want you to check their phone then you definitely know they are cheating. Why would they deny you to check their phone? They fear you can catch them cheating.

Hire private investigators to catch cheating boyfriend

Private investigators can help you catch a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend. They are professionals who know how to do their job from tracking to using technology to bust cheaters.

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Check their social media accounts

Always check your lover’s Instagram or Facebook for pointers

Change your plans, unannounced and catch a cheating boyfriend

Appear where you are not expected. If he or she is staying alone, just appear there unannounced and see for yourself. You may catch them red handed.

Check if he/she is not logged into dating websites

Check the browser history to find out if your partner is not logged into dating websites. If your partner uses dating sites it is evident they are cheating with someone else.

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