How much Tebogo Thobejane makes from OnlyFans

How much Tebogo Thobejane makes from OnlyFans ||
Tebogo Thobejane has never made it a secret that she cashes in on her booty. The actress has made the most from OnlyFans. Here is how much Tebogo Thobejane makes on average per month on OnlyFans – R200 000.

Tebogo Thobejane’s OnlyFans gives her an average of R200 000 per month! However, the Muvhango actress was only on OnlyFans for 4 months last year and hasn’t been active since.

“When I decided to join I wanted to show girls who were scared that  there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. I was already making so much on Instagram so I decided to make a bit of money then leave it. I had a goal I set for myself and it wasn’t about anyone but myself.

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It’s something I’ve put behind me and even if my jobs run out I wouldn’t go back. My personality doesn’t allow me to go as far as others on the platform. People want you to do things you’re not comfortable with and I’m not that kind of girl.”


How much Tebogo Thobejane makes from Only Fans


How much Tebogo Thobejane makes from OnlyFans

How much Tebogo Thobejane makes from Only Fans

Ever since appearing on Muvhango as a wedding planner, Tebogo has made waves for her body. The actress says she once visited Los Angeles and that is where she realised she can make money off her body. Other than her acting role and OnlyFans account, Tebogo makes money from hosting.

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“The money is good — and I’m talking five figures. I’m usually fully booked and hosting three times a week. So, it could be anything between R10 000 and R20 000 for an appearance,”

The actress has gone beyond the boarders of South Africa having being booked inNigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Dubai. Taboo Night Club, Black Door Lounge and Rockets are some of the local clubs that often book the actress. She has become a hit with her twerking videos going viral.

When hosting, her rules are clear,

“The rules are clear: you can look but don’t touch. It doesn’t hurt if you start a live video on Instagram while you are at it and give your followers FOMO (fear of missing out)”

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How much Tebogo Thobejane makes from Only Fans

But then there’s more to Tebogo. The actress is a whole package – beauty and brains. She is an AFDA Film graduate. She also has her brand, Bofa that sells waist trainers, Bofa garments as they term them. Clearly her hustle game is on fleek!


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