How men can use that tongue to make a woman go gaga

How men can use that tongue to make a woman go gaga || Most men think they know what to do the moment they move their head past the navel. Some men think that ‘head’ will automatically make her ready for action.

If you do not know what ‘head’ is, then I do not know what business you have reading this in the first place.

There is a reason why every woman loves receiving ‘head’.

It is selfless to know the needs of your woman. I have heard women swear that they would never allow a man to give them ‘head’, until they get one and then they can’t stop wanting.

Some men believe that ‘head’ is a must turn on. If done wrong, it is rubbish and a total turn off. A tongue lubricating her is not a must.

But what most never ask is if there are rules that govern the way they use their tongue.

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Is it just about the tip, the whole tongue? Does it, therefore, stand-in for something that is hard with veins?

Men, there is an art in the way you go down on a woman. Stop wondering why it is so easy for other people to make her squirt.

Some men find it so easy to make her climax with just their tongue. They have mastered the art of her walls. They know exactly when to use the tip of the tongue, where and how.

I want to confirm to you that there is something called a g-spot. I have seen studies that say that it is a mystery.

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I am a woman and I can tell you that when the tongue lands on the spot; intentionally or unintentionally, you will feel it in her grip, her flow and most definitely her moans.

If there was ever a time to get your woman to answer any question, the moment you hit the spot with your tongue is the perfect time.

Pay attention and you will know when you are doing it right and focus till you perfect it.

Men, men, men that tongue of yours is such a magical weapon of pleasure if you care to know what it can do. When properly used, there is nothing in comparison to what it can do. || How men can use that tongue to make a woman go gaga ||

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