Hot scandal : Member of Parliament sextape and photos in the hands of Susan .

Here is how the whole Temba Mliswa, Susan Mutami scandal began: Pics.


All I can say about this very entertaining & sensational article about me is that Susan is a project who couldn’t continue paying rent at my apartment in Avondale and so left. She, unfortunately, has the habit of name dropping to achieve her ends.

Next time she should advise her handlers to strategise better and punch harder as the gay slur was a weak blow that couldn’t be further from the truth. I can only warn any other would-be victims against her; beware!!

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I could say and show more, but I’ll leave it at that as one day people will know who she is @elias_mambo @ZimMorning_Post this one-sided account is unbecoming of someone I had held in greater stead:

How it started


the epitome of poor journalism. What is the motive, what is the agenda, whose payroll are you on? Very sad.

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Mutami Susan TweetsAnyway, it’s water under the bridge, we move on…

Susan Mutami TweetsBelow are pictures of how it all went down…

Temba and Susan drama

And below is a tweet from Temba when they were still in good times before this whole drama fell on us…

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Temba and Susan in good times

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