Hope Everyone Is Happy Now? – Fella’s Manager A Little Bitter – Confirms Breakup Between Medikal and Fella

At this point, we can almost conclusively say that Medikal and Fella Makafui are broken up.

Fella confirmed it earlier today and now her manager has also followed suit.

In a post on Instagram, Richmond Amofa-Sarpong, who has been with Fella through thick and thin, sounded bitter as he confirmed Medikal has done something unforgivable.

He also said he hopes those who have been waiting for this day are happy now.

“Not Everyone Deserves Forgiveness, When They Hurt You Beyond Repair ?.. Tough Times For Us? but All Will Soon Pass ????.. God Should Take The Wheels.. Hope This Is What People Wanted & They Got It.. smh ??‍♂️.” he wrote.

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Nobody really wanted it, but it was easy to predict it would end this way.

Men who cheat on their previous girlfriend with a new girl rarely remain faithful…

Hopefull Fella learns a lesson from this.

Medikal and Fella Makafui

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