High Drama As Member of Parliament Catches Second Wife Red Handed With Lover -Photos

High Drama As Member of Parliament Catches Second Wife Red Handed With Lover || There was high drama on Tuesday after fiery legislator Joseph Chinotimba caught his second wife red-handed with her lover at the Belvedere Vehicle Inspection Department (VID).

According to local publication H-Metro, the Zanu PF legislator who was already suspicious of his second wife Locardia Dzitiro pounced on her when she was in the company of her lover who has only been identified as Mahachi of Maridale Park, Norton.

The vocal MP is reported to have blocked Mahachi’s vehicle before proceeding to assault him accusing him of having an extramarital affair with his second wife. Chinotimba claimed that he caught Mahachi caressing and kissing Locardia.

When asked to comment on the matter an unabashed Locardia claimed that she is lonely because Chinotimba is always in Buhera. She also said that the Buhera South MP was no longer able to perform to her satisfaction.

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“To be honest with you they found us. We were not having sex but they were quick to accuse us of kissing and caressing.

“VaChinotimba lost affection for me long ago and does not give me the attention I expect as a young woman; apa havabvire nekuda vana vadiki vavasingazokwanisa.

“I am his second wife with three children and we lost a child recently. He had taken that child for DNA saying the baby was not his.

“…Vanogara vari Buhera saka ini vanoda kuti ndiite seiwo?”

As if that was not bad enough, Locardia went on to attack her lover’s wife saying that Mrs. Mahachi always refuses to take care of her husband’s needs.

Joseph Chinotimba
Joseph Chinotimba

Dzitiro (right) with her sister || Drama as Member of Parliament catches wife kissing married man in parked car -Photos

MP Chinotimba
MP Chinotimba
High Drama As Member of Parliament Catches Second Wife Red Handed With Lover
High Drama As Member of Parliament Catches Second Wife Red Handed With Lover

“Kana zviri zva Mai Mahachi handisini ndinovati vagare vachingoti kumurume ndakaneta ndakaneta.

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“VaChinotimba ordered me to pack my belongings and I do not care. I am leaving him,”

A shame-faced Mahachi on the other hand refused to entertain the news reporters. However, his wife removed her wedding ring and handed it over to Mahachi with police officers as witnesses. She also threatened to assault him for his shenanigans. In the end, two police officers were deployed to accompany the couple back home to ensure that no violence took place.

Chinotimba claimed that he had long suspected that his second wife was cheating on him. The fiery MP even said that he suspected that the couple last born was not his.

“In May last year, I discovered that this woman was cheating on me and I decided to take our last born for DNA tests but I ended up harassing the DNA officials over delaying to give me results which I want to believe were influenced by this woman.

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“I later collected the results and kept them although the child later passed on.

Narrating how his suspicions came about, Chinotimba said,

“At one time this woman asked me to look for alternative accommodation for her and I refused since she wanted to rent a house in Hopley leaving free accommodation in Belvedere.

“That was the time I suspected that she was cheating and I kept on seeing Mahachi’s small car around our area,”




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