Here’s the beautiful lady who alleges that a tycoon, who owns the famous Hotel, wanted to rape her (Photos)

A middle-aged lady identified as Rebecca Wairimu, has recorded a statement with the police and accused prominent Nairobi tycoon, Madatali Chartur, of rape and assault.

Wairimu met the tycoon in a high-end city club where she had gone for a night out with her friends.

Chartur approached her through his bodyguard and she agreed to join him with her friends.

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After a few drinks, he suggested that they should move to another club and they agreed.

However, the wealthy businessman drove them to the posh Concord Hotel in Parklands, which he owns, instead of switching clubs as earlier agreed.

Wairimu alleges that Chartur assaulted her and attempted to rape her at the hotel.

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After the incident, she sought help from FIDA Kenya and recorded a statement at the Parklands police station.

Police are investigating the incident that happened two weeks ago.

Below are photos of Wairimu, who displays a flamboyant lifestyle on social media, which is probably sponsored by rich men, since she has never posted even a single photo at work.



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