Here is how three woman discovered they are dating the same guy on Twitter

An unnamed bald-headed Casanova has become an internet legend after three, not so lucky, ladies posted photos with him confirming that they were dating the same guy. The bald man’s exploits left a lot of men(and some ladies) on the forum impressed while others were confused by the serial dater’s behaviour.

The first lady shared her pictures and said she and the man met on Twitter, then two other women responded with the same message and photos of their own.

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Things quickly went into overdrive after the three women realised they were dating the same man.

How did this start…;

Three Twitter users named Sharon Kiwanuka, Kevin Emmilie and Nya Lacekocot, shared images of themselves chilling with the same man. It started with Kevin, who stated that she and the man had met on Twitter.

Sharon then quote tweeted the lady and said she too met with the same guy on social media.

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“So did we,” the beauty aid in response to Kevin’s caption.

Nya came through with the third tweet stating “Small world, us too.”

And the tweep had receipts to prove that she too was dating the bald-headed member of the infamous beard gang.

All three ladies appeared to be blissfully ignorant in all their photos as they believed that they were the man’s one and only. Funnily, in two pictures, the notorious player was wearing the same shirt but he was with different women.

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In the image at thebottom, the legendary player is with what many say is  “his woman number four.”

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