Hello Slim Man, These Simple Steps Will Show you to Build a Better Six-Pack in 7 Days

These Simple Steps Will Show you to Build a Better Six Pack in 7 Days || Building up an impressive, shredded set of abs will always be a top fitness goal for many guys, but there are so many disparate plans to get a six-pack it’s nearly impossible to know which one to follow.

1. Start In The Kitchen

Abs aren’t just made in the weight room — the real work starts in the kitchen. You’re going to need to approach your diet with the same discipline you bring to your workouts.

Some experts recommend eating six small meals a day, instead of the more conventional three, cutting out added sugars and processed foods, and loading up on dependable sources of protein to help build new muscle in your midsection. Before you commit to any new diet, though, speak to your doctor and/or a nutritionist to see what they believe will work best for you.


2. Work On Every Single Muscle

“Muscle is your body’s primary fat burner,” said Rasmussen. Your muscles require energy to contract, which is why you burn calories when you exercise. But resistance training, unlike running or cycling, also causes a significant amount of damage to your muscle fibers. And that’s a good thing.

“Your body has to expend energy to repair and upgrade those fibers after your workout,” Rasmussen continued. “And a single total-body weight-training session can boost your metabolism for up to two days.”

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So you shouldn’t neglect a single inch of your body. That goes double for the legs, a body part that plenty of men either train just once a week or simply ignore.

Case in point: Syracuse University researchers determined that people burned more calories the day after a lower-body resistance session than the day after they worked their upper bodies.

Why? Because your lower half houses more muscle. The upshot: “A busy guy’s smartest approach is to train his entire body every other day,” says Rasmussen. “That allows you to elevate your metabolism maximally all week long, even though you’re working out only three or four days a week.”

Build your workouts around complex, multi joint movements like squats, dead lifts, and cleans that will.

3. Don’t Max Out On Crunches

“You can do lots of crunches and situps and still have a weak core,” said Wunsch. “We see that all the time.”

The reason: Classic ab moves like crunches and situps work the muscles that allow you to flex (that is, round) your lower spine. True core exercises, on the other hand, train the muscles that prevent your spine from rounding. They also allow you to transfer force from your lower body to your upper body (in a golf swing, for example), and vice versa.

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These Simple Steps Will Show you to Build a Better Six Pack in 7 Days
These Simple Steps Will Show you to Build a Better Six Pack in 7 Days

4. Learn To Do The Plank

The plank, and its many variations, is one of the most important exercises you can do. The basic move may appear boring and easy—after all, you look like you’re simply holding a pushup position with your weight supported on your forearms or hands.

“The plank is easy only if you’re doing it incorrectly or don’t know how to make it more challenging,” said Wunsch. What’s more, he adds, the plank is key because it teaches you to make your core stiff. “That’s a skill you need for almost every exercise.”

So how do you perfect this exercise? Focus on keeping your spine aligned, squeezing your core and glutes to activate your muscles. You’re not just resting in place on your hands or elbows — that’s counterproductive and ineffective.

5. Don’t Spend Too Much Time On The Albs Alone

While five minutes of exercise a day isn’t enough to reveal your abs, it is about the right amount of time to dedicate to targeted core training.

“We’ve found that just 2 to 4 sets of one or two core exercises is quite effective,” Rasmussen said. “Our goal is to make you stronger, not more tired.”A 5-minute core routine prior to weight training has a side benefit, too. “It revs up your core muscles so they fire better as you do other exercises,” Rasmussen says.

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“If you have only 30 to 40 minutes to devote to a workout, then every second has to count,” Rasmussen said. “In those cases, our clients do zero running.”


6. Always Keep Your Body Moving

“Our goal is to pack as much physical work as possible into whatever time our clients have,” said Wunsch. To that end, the trainers frequently implement supersets and circuits — strategies that save time without sacrificing results. To understand why, you’ll need a few quick definitions.

Straight sets: This is a traditional weight-training routine, in which you complete all the sets of a given exercise before moving on to the next.

Alternating sets: These involve alternating between exercises that train your body using two noncompeting movements. For example, you pair an upper-body exercise that works the muscles on your front side — a pushup or bench press, say — with a lower-body exercise that emphasizes the muscles on your back side — the deadlift, for example.


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