Heart-breaking VIDEO shows how 23-year-old Mona Kizz took her own life by jumping from a hotel in Dubai (WATCH).

A 23-year-old Ugandan model jumped off a building and died instantly in an apparent suicide case in Dubai.

Monica Karungi, commonly known as Mona Kizz on Instagram, threw herself from the seventh floor of the Al Fahad building in Dubai which hosts a lavish hotel.

From the shocking video shared on Twitter, Mona is seen standing near the window of what appears to be a staircase, holding both sides of the wall.

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She then jumps and falls to the ground, breaking both her legs.

Terrified onlookers can be heard yelling in the heartbreaking video.

A sneak peek into her Instagram account reveals she used to enjoy a fancy lifestyle which she openly displayed on social media.



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