‘He sleeps with 20 women but I still love him’

‘He sleeps with 20 women but I still love him’

For four years she’s been hoping he will stop playing around.

But then she found out that he’s a serial cheater but she’s not ready to walk away.

“I love him so much and I don’t want to lose him,” she told the People’s Paper.

The woman said she got hold of his cellphone earlier in October and found shocking videos and images of the women her tall dark man was sleeping with.


The woman who asked not to be identified because of her work, said she believes he needs help.

“He might be a se_x addict. I gave him a lot of se_x. I don’t know why he went around sleeping with other women,” she said.

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She said she counted pictures of more than 20 women on his phone. “They come in all shapes and sizes,” she said.

“Clearly after se_x, he takes photos and videos of them. Who in his right mind takes photos with every woman he sleeps with?”

She said she caught him red-handed with three of these women. “One was a prostitute from Bloemfontein, the other was a teenage girl and the other was a married woman.”

“When I arrive at his place I find that some women leave panties and heels and some even leave used condoms behind.”

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She said she confronted him many times and he apologises and promises not to do it again but he keeps on cheating.

She said her boyfriend who worked for a testing centre in Soweto and also owns a driving school lures the women with money.

She said she borrowed his phone and was shocked to see how many women were involved.

She said she met his boyfriend in 2017 at the testing centre on Soweto. “At the time I was getting my driver’s licence,’ she said.

She said the man was caring and looked after her and even took her to his house. “He made me believe I was the only one and I relaxed.’

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She says the problem started this year during the lockdown as they were not staying together. ‘I think he might have been cheating but this year it got worse because we were not together.

Daily Sun spoke to the boyfriend who said if the woman is not happy she must just leave,” he said.


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