He loves staring at other women, he embarrasses me. What Should i do?

He loves staring at other women

Dear ThatCelebrity -Love Doctor,

What is wrong with men? You mean they can’t resist looking at a woman?

SK, I am so pissed off with the pervert of a husband that I have. He ogles at everything in skirt; college students, choir ladies at church, women vendors at the market and any girl or woman who crosses his path, including my maid.

I have been married to him for six months, but I do not know if I will endure his attitude of looking at women. Before he married me, he used to say ‘I am the most beautiful woman alive, I fell from the sky and I am so beautiful like an angel.’ He would swear that he can never look at any other woman. He was sweet, kind and always called me his rose flower.

So, why does he keep staring at other women in my presence?

Stella, via Email


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Dearest Stella,

When elders coined the saying love is blind, you thought they were lying or they were high on some high grade from KK. Hell no! Love is indeed blind and your husband was blind, but now he can see.

If Biggie is to be honest with you, your man is not in love with you because you are the most beautiful woman in the world. My dear, there are millions of women who are way prettier than you, just in the same way you know other men who are handsome, smarter and wealthier than your husband. He lied that you are the most beautiful woman; that you fell from the sky, that you are his rose flower… all he wanted was to get into those knickers of yours.

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Biggie, as a man, knows that men do not marry because the woman is too beautiful to resist. In fact, men date the most beautiful woman to show off, but when it comes to marriage many marry an average looking woman because they do not want to lose sleep over their wife. Oh! You can protest all you want, but look around you, which one of your married friends is prettier than you?

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So, stop bothering yourself thinking if you leave him, you will find a man out there who does not look at other women, because we all do. In fact, we even ogle at a nun, yes, a Catholic nun; we look at her and imagine things!

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