Hajjat Madinah Converts Back to Islam, Asks God to Kill Her if she Ever Goes Back to Christianity

Former Revival Band singer, once Pastor Yiga’s cassava chewer, Hajjati Madinah Kansiime has switched to Islamic Religion again after years, she has also asked God to kill her immediately if she ever converts back.

While speaking in an interview with NBS TV, “Bibuza” singer explained that she decided to go back to the Islamic religion to bridge the gap between her family members and herself following the fact that she had earlier switched from Islam to Christianity.

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Hajjati Madinah also cleared the air that she wasn’t influenced by her dad to return to the Islamic religion. When asked how she faced her dad, she narrated that she was taken to him without her consent.

It was reported that Hajjat Madina left Islam during the 77 Days of Glory revival meeting, and later told local press she wasn’t targeting financial support or sympathy from the church but she went there to be saved.

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