Guy refuses to pay for the services of an ‘ashawo’ because he didn’t cum (VIDEO)

A video which is fast going viral on social media sees a prostitute and a man who engaged her having a serious fight over payment.

From what we gathered in the video, the prostitute is a Nigerian who does her prostitution in Accra and her services was sorted by this man who agreed to pay after they are done enjoying themselves.

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But after the enjoyment the man failed to pay stating that he is not going to pay because he didn’t cum during the intercourse.

In the video that is going viral, the cr@zy young lady who was seen wearing a pair of yellow shorts and a white shirt grabbed the hard guy by the neck as she angrily demanded her money for the work she did in his b3d that night.

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Watch the video below:


Even though the lady did all she could to get her money, the guy acted nonchalant and was not willing to pay a dime because he supposedly did not cum.


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