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Groom Grabs and Squeezes Bride’s Buttocks While Saying ‘Amen’ to Pastor’s Prayer (VIDEO)

Groom Grabs and Squeezes Bride’s Buttocks  || A shocking video clip has gone viral showing a man grabbing, squeezing and playing with his yet to be wife’s bum while in church with family members and friends and as a pastor prayed for their union, Samuel is seen grabbing his wife’s ass as the prayer session goes on.

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Interestingly, he is heard saying ‘Amen’ to the prayer while prepping his wife for what awaits her as soon as they leave the marriage registry. Although the bride surreptitiously tried to stop ‘turning her on’ in the presence of God, the young man wouldn’t stop.

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A man who claimed to be the groom’s friend posted the video online with a caption: “My friend got married today… see what this mad man was doing during prayer session”.

Watch the video more photos of the wedding below:

Groom Grabs and Squeezes Bride’s Buttocks

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