Going to Church to Pray for A Husband Is Stupid – Dress Well And You’ll Easily Grab One – Nana Tornado To the Ladies

Is Nana Tonardo really lecturing ladies on how to grab a man?

Afia Schwarzenegger and Delay’s former bestie turned enemy says ladies should stop going to church and getting on their knees begging for a man to marry.

Nana Tonardo
Nana Tonardo
Nana Tonardo

Nana Tonardo was speaking on ETV Ghana during the naughty s*x show ‘In Bed with Adwen’.

“Common sense tells you that if you want a man to see you and approach you, you need to dress well and look attractive. So why do you have to go and kneel in church, calling on Jesus to give you a husband?” Tonardo wondered.

“It is stupidity and anyone who does that is stupid,” he added.

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