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Godknows Adolphus Owhor rape 24 University student

Babcock University student, Yangy accused of raping 24 girls

Godknows Adolphus Owhor Rape || Babcock University student, Godknows Adolphus Owhor  has become the number one trending topic on Twitter in light of the rape allegations levied against him.


Godknows’ alleged victims came forward with their stories after a Twitter user @caramelangiee shared screenshots of a DM she received from one of his victims.

@caramelangiee tweeted;

Following her tweet, another lady then accused him of defiling her when she was just 14. See screenshots below,

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A lady who claimed to be Yangy’s cousin, also accused him of raping her. She wrote,

Here are more comments from some of his alleged victims below,

In light of the whole matter, Yangy however denied the rape allegations as he also promised to bring in relevant authorities into the rape case.

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Yangy’s friend, Miller who was also accused of rape, admitted that he did some crazy things in 2015 but added that he’s no longer into “those things“.

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