God Will Never Forgive Him, Pastor dies after raping and Infecting followers With HIV

“God Will Never Forgive You For RAPE and Infecting Your Ffollowers With HIV” – Angry Pastor Ssenyonga Paint Dirty to Late Pastor Yiga ,

Pastor dies after raping and Infecting followers With HIV || Following Revival Church founder and Pastor Yiga Augustine Abizaayo’s death yesterday on October 26th, the Christian Life church Bwaise boss Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga has come out to judge and condemn the late saying that he was a false pastor who infected his sheep with HIV intentionally. Ssenyonga said this today at his home while addressing the media in a presser.

“It’s on record that Mr Yiga had HIV. We have evidence from health facilities and the test was done under law,” -Ssenyonga said.


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He further explained that God can not forgive someone like Yiga who misled his followers while on earth and also failed to take responsibility as a father of taking care of children he fathered from some of his followers after raping them.


Ssenyonga is not the only one who has come out to publicly judge the late Yiga but also another pastor named Solomon Male who  wrote on his socials claiming Pastor Yiga lived a very sinful life while on earth so he must pay for his deeds.

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“Pr Yiga Augustine is dead: Pr Yiga Augustine Ani Akalengedde aka Mbizaayo, has ruined many people’s lives and caused untold hurt and misery to many others. He leaves a trail of many lives he has broken in process of enriching himself and gratifying his insatiable sex urge. Good, he is dead. Let him hurt more from his grave. He has died without facing earthly justice because as he hurt people, he had state machinery protection. How I wish someone could read Isaiah 14 as a send-off for him.

My prayers for those he has hurt to take heart; he probably thought himself immortal, now it is time for him to face the Creator to whom we must all account.” Angry Pastor Male wrote.

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Many Ugandans have condemned the act of pastors judging their fellow yet the bible they always preach about does not allow judging as it is written that only God should judge. Many have questioned the pastors’ faith and righteousness saying they are no different from the late pastor.


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