GMB 2020: Meet Samira Yennube Kombat

Region: North East

Name: Samira Yennube Kombat

Stage name: Yennube

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Business Studies – UDS

Age: 27

Work: Administrative Assistant (NSP)

Hobbies: Reading and Cooking

Winning GMB: 1. To leverage on the GMB brand to promote girl-child education among the people of the North East Region, Ghana, and Africa at large.

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2. To build social capital through networking and brand mentoring via the prestigious GMB platform.

About herself in 100 words: Samira Yennube Kombat, preferably Yennube is a Bimoba, from Bimbagu in the North East Region of Ghana. Yennube is a compassionate and loving person with a passion for girl-child education. I am a team builder who adapts to a new environment with ease. Yennube is a product of UDS with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Integrated Business Studies. I am currently an Administrative/Teaching Assistant at MIST for my National Service. My experiences span through girl child education with ILC Africa. I aspire to represent the people of the North East Region in this year’s Ghana Most Beautiful pageant.

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Samira Yennube Kombat
Samira Yennube Kombat

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