GMB 2020: Meet Lydia Efua Wilson

Region: Western

Name: Lydia Efua Wilson

Stage name: Efua

Education: Final year (Accra Technical University)

Age: 22

Work: Personal Assistant to Roselyn Ngissah

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, listening to music, watching movies, and documentary

Winning GMB: I want to win GMB 2020, in order to have the platform where I can advocate for women with darker skin tone while empowering them and educating women on the effects of skin bleaching, I will also like to embark on my main project, “RAPE AND ITS CONSEQUENCES ON WOMEN”. Rising Against Rape and through this l believe l can also better myself, and be a role model to other generations.

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About herself in 100 words: I have always been a passionate person, I take my heart wherever I go. If my heart isn’t in it, I won’t go after it. I push myself very hard and always want to do my best. I am proud of my heritage and my culture. I am my own fighter and l work hard for what l believe in, respect, honesty, dedicated, God-fearing, good self-esteem, a goal-getter, and above all, I am disciplined, committed, optimistic, intelligent and a woman of integrity.

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Lydia Efua Wilson
Lydia Efua Wilson

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