GMB 2020: Meet Anim Maame Ofosuaah

Region: Eastern

Name: Anim Maame Ofosuaah

Stage name: Ofosua

Education: University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA)

Age: 24 years

Work: Parliament House (Hansard Department)

Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, listening to Music

Winning GMB: No one was born on earth for no purpose. No one was born to this world empty, we all have gifts and talents God has deposited inside of us to exhibit; share to the world and let the world see the light of God shine inside of us, for that I believe I’m not exempted so I’d have to die empty saying “IT IS FINISHED”.

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Also, if no one sees the light in you shine; they don’t see what your potentials are and what you’re capable of doing. This platform and me winning this year’s pageant would expose me to the world and enable me to influence my community; put my country on the map so they’d see we’re blessed and gifted (we don’t live on trees with tree figs wrapped around us). I’d also be able to share my quota in helping those that are visually impaired, as I have a slight problem and I know how I feel about it. Obviously, they feel worse because they are not able to see this beautiful world God has brought them into.

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About herself in 100 words: I am Maame Ofosuaah Anim, the last born out of four girls. I live with my family at Adenta Housing Down. I read Marketing in the university and attend church at Victory Presbyterian Adenta Frafraha. I love to act so most of my friends say I’m dramatic. I am a horrible dancer (lol) I’m really bad at dancing but I believe I got some good moves.

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I love to appreciate the world because life is all we got and we have to live it well, being extremely selfless and loving each other. Doing what we do best and praising God each day for how far we’ve come. I read a lot because it gives me a wider mind on some issues (but I’m very careful with what I read because I’m quite sensitive). I don’t want to read something that would influence me negatively. I love myself because I know I was beautifully and wonderfully made by God.

Anim Maame Ofosuaah
Anim Maame Ofosuaah

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