Glyncanice Fashion School students exhibit dynamic skills at maiden fashion show

Glyncanice Fashion School || Glyncanice Fashion School students located in Nyamekye near Masalachi demonstrated excellent skills at the schools maiden fashion show.
Held at the premises of the academy, the students showed their own clothes in a lavish event that saw stunning models showcasing what the academy would teach.

Some of the clothes they showed included Bikini, wedding gowns made with African designs, casual wears and official male and female wear.

Ideally they must enroll for a year, but the students had acquired the skill early enough to put up beautiful and elegant clothes in just three months and six months.


Speaking in an interview with Glyncanice Fashion School’s CEO, Miss Gifty Ayettey explained that she takes her time not only physically teaching the students but also using certain technology to teach them.

“When you come to Glyncanice Fashion School, we take our time to teach you the best of what you need to know, and we also ensure that by the time you are done with the one year course, you can become a boss of your own,” she said.

Glyncanice Fashion School students

She also noted that due to the mode of teaching, students are able to acquire the skills quickly, encouraging the youth, both men and women to enroll at the Glyncanice Fashion School.

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She assured the youth that enrolling in the school is moderate, adding that those who are unable to afford will be given the opportunity to also study.

Glyncanice Fashion School students

Radio and TV personality, who is also a client of Glyncanice Couture, Amanda Gyisi advised the youth, especially young ladies to learn a skill for themselves in order to become entrepreneurs in future.
“Gone were the days people used to think that learning how to sew was for uneducated people, today that perception is no more. As a woman, even aside your education, you need a skill so that when no one is employing you, you can do something on your own,” she added.
Glyncanice Fashion School students
One of the Student’s and a model at the school, Joshua Nii Ayettey also expressed hope that with what they have been able to put together within few months, by the end of the year, he will be able to make better clothes, including sewing of suits.
Another student of Glyncanice Fashion School, Jennifer Nsaako also expressed hope that at the end of the one year, she can be able to do greater things.
Glyncanice Fashion School students
She also encouraged young people to enroll at the Glyncanice Fashion School, adding that at the end of their course, they will be great fashion designers.
Glyncanice Fashion School students
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