Gloria Sarfo Is A Hypocrite, She Was Part Of The Team That Agreed On Fina’s Nu.de Photo Release.

Gloria Sarfo and Fina, One thing and a character killing the Ghanaian Showbiz industry is hypocrisy and a clear act of intense hypocrisy has been exhibited by Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Gloria Sarfo who became well known over the years through the “Efiawaura Tv Series”.

Over few years now, social media users can attest to the fact that, Gloria Sarfo has being acting as more or less the manageress for the Songstress Fina, a signed artist of the Lace Up International Record Label. Even though the actress has been doing all the camera works and media manipulations for Fina, she isn’t the sole helper for the artist and she has other team members who support one way or the other.

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Actress Gloria Sarfo is one of the few Showbiz players who are fighting against nudity which is a good course but it seems the actress is only seeking good face in the media fraternity but actually not practicing what she preaches behind the scenes.

Just few days ago in anticipation to the yet to be released Single by sensual songstress Fina, Gloria Sarfo posted a different picture of Fina that is she ignored the actual pictures that was suppose to serve the anticipation purpose and the caption she added meant that she wasn’t in support of the nude pictures meanwhile very close sources have stated categorically that Actress Gloria Sarfo was part of the team that sat around a table to agree on the nude photoshoot that is escorting all the promotional materials for the unreleased “Ye Nko Te aa”.

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Ghanaian Singer Fina Goes Completely Nude To Hype Her Upcoming Single Titled “Yen Nk) Te A” – See Photos


She wrote:Well, I don’t support that guys,,,
I still stand firmly by my policy “DECENCY OVER NUDITY”
You can always be sensual without going NUDE
Girl,,,you are a very pretty and fantastic talent ,the world must watch out..And I’ll support you all the way to the TOP, BUT NOT THIS!!!!
I love you, but I’m Sorry ?
Guys, watch out for FINA’S NEW SINGLE “yEn k) te a” @finamusic_

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Well, to be precise on this, I have had a short conversation with Fina and she has confidently made it clear to me that she doesn’t know and still struggling to understand why “her mum” as she calls her will make such statement.

I stand to be corrected but then it is high time we begun being truthful to ourselves.

See Gloria Sarfo’s post:

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