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Gigi Lamayne Breaks The Silence

Gigi Lamayne Breaks The Silence.South African  Rapper Gigi Lamayne has slammed the showbiz industry and artists for their “silence and lack of a moral compass“.

From Gigi, this has been shown by the apparent silence from the industry over the death of Collins Khosa, who allegedly died at the hands of SA National Defence Force soldiers and police officers. The rapper took to Twitter to spit some bars about how she refuses to be silenced as she continues to use her platform to speak up about the injustices black people continue to face.

Gigi challenged her industry mates to woke up and speak, and said if there’s one thing they should copy from American celebs, it should be their trait to speak up for their people.


“I’m not here for your industry. It’s done me dirty many a time. When I say public figures must speak up on #CollinsKhosa, it is times like this.”

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This comes in the wake of global outrage over the death of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, at the hands of a white police officer in the US. Gigi joined the world in lashing out against the manner in which George died, and challenged others to do the same for Collins.

Collins Khosa,, 40, died on April 10, allegedly after an altercation with soldiers and Johannesburg Metro police officers.

“Since we copy so much from Americans, can we at least also copy how their celebs stand with the people? I know it’s “not paying”, but wow!

“The silence and lack of a moral compass is sickening,” she said.
In an earlier lengthy thread, the rapper explained why artists, particularly black artists, had a responsibility to shine a light on injustices against black people, and how they ought to take ownership of a fight that is clearly marked for them.

“I’m no expert but I do know we have an obligation, and that is to begin to celebrate black excellence on and off social media. To unite without factions and commit ourselves globally to fight against this spirit that continues to contaminate us. This is our struggle,” she said.

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