Ghanaians Applaud Immature Female Musician On Social Media For Chopping Men Like Cake -Watch

Immature Yaa Jackson Glorifies Prostitution On Social Media And Ghanaians Applaud

Gone were the days where teenagers and the youth were scared to even speak about relationships or matters concerning the opposite sex in public.

In this ‘lost generation’ lead by the likes of Moesha, Queen Farcadi, Mona Guccie, Akuapem Poloo and co, exposing yourself in public is as normal as taking a sip of water.

Yaa Jackson, started out as an innocent actress loved by many for her beauty and simple nature. We thought she would grow to become a decent young lady but her path is parallel to that.

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Her social media pages, especially Instagram, has no decent content on there. The young lady covers her shame with fashion and exposes her childish unchecked behavior to the world, and her fans love it.

If she is not in a skimpy cloth twerking or posing naughtily, she is writing some nonsense about relationship that even adult feel shy saying.


Yaa Jackson posted a silly photo with a silly caption saying she no longer chase men(at her age) but she replace them instead.

Where are her parents or elders in her family? Put the blame on social media for showing immature people like Yaa Jackson how free they actually can be with no authority correcting or chastising them.

It is indeed true that when you give a man all he needs to be free, he will destroy himself instead of building himself. I mean look at what Yaa Jackson has become.





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