Ghanaian’s always insult me on social media everyday. – Actress Moesha Buduong

I’m the most-trolled celebrity in Ghana – Actress admits || Actress Moesha Buduong has asked for a special award after admitting to being the most trolled celebrity figure in Ghana.

According to Miss Buduong, she has, over the years, thought of deleting her social media accounts and throwing her phone in the bin anytime she was trolled.

The actress said she has however developed a tough-skin to endure all the insults hurled at her because she loves social media and all its associated benefits.

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Moesha made the point in a lengthy post on her Instagram page where she also urged social media users to utilise the platform to their own benefits.


She quizzed in her post: “How do we Use Social Media Profitably and Not let Social Media USE us?”

She has also indicated that she will not be leaving social media anytime soon.

Read the full post below:


Moesha Buduong
Moesha Buduong

Ever feel like Quitting Social Media?

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The irony is not lost on me at all, sharing a thought on quitting Social media on a Social Media Platform, Yes I do love Social Media and all its utility to Social Relationships, Brand Positioning and even wealth Creation.


On the dark side is a whole other world that makes me wanna delete the apps and drop my phone in a bin sometimes.

THE TROLLS (I Need a Special Award for being the Most Trolled Person in Ghana), the Social Pressure, the edited reality (Guilty as charged) and the overbearing overdose of information can have its own impact.

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I DO NOT THINK I will leave social media any time soon, but on this Monday I just wanted to throw in the Question and spark the Conversation.

How do we Use Social Media Profitably and Not let Social Media USE us?

Have a Happy Monday.

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