Lord Have mercy!!! Ghanaian musician Fameye chops Ex-girl in VIP Bus -Video

The weirdest place I had sex with my girlfriend was inside a VIP Bus – Fameye

Ghanaian musician Fameye chops girl in VIP Bus || When it comes to se.x between couples, the most common place where we all know it happens is on the bed.

However, it becomes boring for some people as they wish to do it at strange places for reasons best known to them. From past confessions, some couples revealed that they had sex while on a flight, in the washroom of a shopping centre, at the kitchen, beach, just to mention a few.

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Well, Ghanaian musician Fameye has revealed the place he had his weirdest sex with his ex-girlfriend and everyone is shocked. It was inside a moving VIP Bus.

Speaking on Angel 102.9 FM, he said:

“May God forgive my sins, the weirdest place I had sex was inside a VIP bus.”

Detailing on how it happened; the ‘Nothing I Get’ crooner said:

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“It was with my Ex, we were travelling to Bogoso [a mining town in the Western Region of Ghana] everyone on the bus was sleeping but we didn’t sleep. She was seated right beside me. And there’s this curtain in the VIP Bus that I used to cover the way to prevent people from seeing us. Then she sat on me and was riding me slowly. The feeling was a nice one. It was not aggressive…just one cool experience”.

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Watch the video below:

Ghanaian musician Fameye chops girl in VIP Bus


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