Ghana Police Service blasts Adom FM for using their uniforms without permission on May Day -Photos

Yesterday, 1st May 2020 was May Day and workers at Adom FM decided to be dressed in the various professions in Ghana to mark the special day.

Some dressed as nurses while others as soldiers and police.

Well, the Ghana Police Service is angry with the media outfit for using their uniforms without the necessary permission.

Taking to their official Facebook page, the Ghana Police Service lodged a complaint.

They wrote:

“Adom 106.3 FM a whole media house decides to breach the law in the name of May Day celebration, should this be encouraged? You have breached section 28 of the Police Service Act, 1970 (ACT 350)? It is not easy to merit the Police Uniform, please obey the law at all times. All that a person/corporate body which wants to use the uniform has to is to officially ask for permission, which is granted in most cases.”

In another post again, the Ghana Police Service noted that they’re not against Adom FM staff using their uniforms, however, they needed to ask the necessary permissions.


The Police Service is not against the use of Police Uniform by media houses for education including the use of the uniform today by Adom 106.3 FM to celebrate frontline workers. However, the use of Police Uniforms and other accoutrements are guided by laws. Individuals and media houses are expected to write for permission to use the Police Uniform and educate people to do the same. We are using the @adom 106.3 FM for the needed education.

A lot of netizens are saying that the Ghana Police needed to act by arresting the offenders instead of taking to social media whine about their wrong-doing.

adom fm may day

The police in reaction also said they’re just using the moment to educate the public.

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