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Getting to know Khutso Theledi

Khutso Theledi  || My fondest childhood memories are of me going back home from boarding school.

My dad died whenI was two years old, and I went to boarding school from the age of five. My highlight was going home to my mom, brothers and sisters. Family time will always be a priority for me.

I love my dad so much, even though I didn’t know him. I do all my shows with his picture in the studio. He is always with me, even in my car. This is weird to explain, especially in my relationships. I have a spiritual connection with him, and I can’t do anything without the presence of his image.

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Khutso Theledi  -This is my eighth year at YFM. It feels like the kind of attachment one has to their first love. I know that in God’s timing, change will happen and it will be big. Mo Flava and Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng poached me while I was studying at Boston Media House. I didn’t know that I would ever do radio, but YFM opened that door. I’m growing within the company, and still in love with the listeners.

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Khutso Theledi  -My energy and gratitude for the listeners keep me going. Regardless of the show’s listenership, it’s about that one person. I can only credit God for showing up each day, whether I’m going through heartache or family problems. Just the fear that it could be my last (show) is why I’ll always bring my best energy.

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