Get to know Monalisa aka 1Njuzu – The woman who has locked Social Media streets with sextape

Get to know Monalisa aka 1Njuzu – The woman who has locked Social Media streets with sextape ||

Monalisa Henrietta C Zulu, the woman who has caused chaos on social media after she posted a video of herself massaging the late Ginimbi’s manager Ms Shally, is back again with more drama. Below are some of the viral Njuzu pictures as we hear what she had to say…

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Following the apology that saw ‘hell commander’ gifting Ms Shally a brand new Range Rover we all thought the drama would be over as this would’ve come as a convincing gesture that hell commander truly cares way more for Ms Shally than Njuzu.

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Zvandomudira mwana yeyuyuyuu ndozvandomudira ndakatozvipra zvaanpndiitira kana ndikamushaya kuInstagram ndorwadziwa ????? absolutely beautiful lol???

Njuzu on one of a comment on her post on Instagram responded to a comment after one of her follower said,”Umwe atengerwa mota shaa ???”. Njuzu responded with: “Wait and see mine tommorow…ya’ll think atengerwa yake ega??”


While Njuzu has been blasted on social media for broadcasting her thigh vending skills many could wonder if she has any morals left in her.

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She has caused noise and if it was for followers then she definitely got them. She is currently the hottest person on the social media streets at the moment.


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