Gentleman, is she serving you ‘real water’ or just peeing on you?

She serving you ‘real water’ or just peeing on you?


If there is a question women who have never squirted ask themselves more than if their man is cheating, it is the question of whether fellow women are releasing arousal fluid (real water) or letting go of pee during the act.

I am sure you thought I was going to say that it is the men that ask. I know that men have questions, but women wonder even more.

So, for starters, squirting is real. At some point in life, when a woman is feeling you and everything you bring to the relationship, when her body has gotten close to yours, and it has allowed that it is you, the riverbanks will burst, and there will be a tsunami.

You will shower. This can even be when you are going down on her or mostly when stroking it. The water banks will decide to let go for as long as they agree with the mind that you are the perfect fit. As a woman, do not overthink it.

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Relax your body. Get lost in the game. You know why you are with this man. The more genuine the reason, the easier it will be for your body to let go.

Of course, the game of the person you are with matters even more. Suppose he knows how and when to stroke it. If he doesn’t drum and instead strokes the right place, you will soon learn that there is a river in that body and that it wants to burst its banks when treated right.

Now, to the hard part. Please note that while some people shower you with ‘real water,’ others might be serving you pee.

Yap, sometimes you keep asking her to squirt for you, and you push her into peeing on you. Stop telling her how your ex used to squirt all the time.

Stop putting unnecessary pressure on her. No way in the world, we are all going to be the same. Stop telling her how no one has ever done it for you.

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Oh, I know how much you want to argue that you would tell if it is pee because of the smell and all. The smell of that pee during the act might actually not stink at all. I have seen women take basins of okra just to make it easy for you to slip in.

Women have inserted things in their choochkies to make sure the man is happy. As much as women want to leave an impression, telling her to let go for you might push her into peeing on you. Allow nature to take its course.

The fact is, squirting comes naturally. And before you start running to Western Uganda looking for river bodies, know that it is all about how your body communicates with hers. If game is good, you will soon need a swimsuit.

To the women, just stop getting your body used to the ‘artificials’ because you might bruise someone’s son the day you don’t have them. Make it a habit to let your body do what it is meant to do naturally. As a woman, know that some men prefer enough and not excess water.

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Some men don’t know how to swim. They simply don’t know what to do with all that ‘water.’ In that case, give him just enough to make him remember you. Normally, arousal fluid is clear or milky white.

So, if you want to know if she is serving you pee or milk, put her against a white bed sheet, and you will thank me later.

Urine being what it is, it will definitely leave a ‘map’, and so will anything herbal. After that, the conversation might be difficult, and I am not sure why recently men want to know what they are getting, but make sure you also master how to navigate those waters when served to you.

Till next time, careful, it is a slippery floor.

MISS D is a sex counsellor.  || she serving you ‘real water’ or just peeing on you?

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