Gaël Enganamouit and Khalifa Sex Tape Saga: Khalifa’s Story

According to Khalifa’s alleged statement, she had been in a relationship with Gaëlle since January 2021 when they met in a mutual friend’s house and exchanged contacts.


Gaëlle started asking her out on snapchat and she accepted, From then onwards, everything went well for her , they went on numerous dates together and loved each other .

In General, She was living a great life with her lover , until the day when Gaëlle allegedly proposed they should take their sexuality to another level

The young lady asked her what she meant by “Another Level “, Gaëlle who was the man in the relationship told her “I want us to do SOD *MY *

Khalifa accepted to do Sod*my with her though she wasn’t pleased about it .They repeatedly committed this act numerous times but it was from August 4th that things started going south for their relationship.


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On August 4, 2021, , the couple went to an Afriland branch in Yaoundé to do a bank transaction , the Ministry of Finance had allocated a sum of 30 million to the foundation of Gaëlle Enganamouit, called Fondation l’Enfants des Rails (FER) .

They allegedly went to the bank to withdraw 28 million. From there, they went to buy a 5.5 million Frs car for Gaëlle


While all this was going on, she asked Gaëlle to give her the sum of 2 million CFA francs for her to relocate to a new appartment. Gaëlle accepted but promised to give her in a few months

It’s around mid-August that Khalifa decided to end the relationship and with reasons being that Gaëlle Enganamouit was asking her to commit abominations she wasn’t willing to. Added to that, she no longer felt safe in the relationship.

Khalifa later on claimed that on September 9, Gaëlle Enganamouit allegedly had her arrested in Yaoundé. Gaëlle was accusing her of having stolen the sum of 10 million from her but was later on released due to lack of proof .


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After Her release , Khalifa received her sex videos 1 month later from a Nigerian number on WhatsApp and Two days after that , her sextapes appeared on social media .


Khalifa emphasized that it was Gaëlle Enganamouit who made these videos during their time together . She even went further to claim that she had no doubt in her mind that it was Gaëlle who released the videos on social media as a way of revenge


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PS : – Khalifa is a 24 year old student who goes by the name Ahnomo Brenda

– Cameroon Criminalizes Homosexuality from 6 months to 5 years In prison

– This issue came before Enganamouit sued Khalifa to court for allegedly leaking her sextape Who is right or wrong according to you ?


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