Full List of Ghanaian Celebrities Who Went For Butt Surgery In 2021 – Photos

Ghanaian Celebrities Who Went For Butt Surgery In 2021 || The year 2021 is swiftly ending! All too soon we have just a week to send off 2021 and welcome 2022.

It’s been a very fast year, strangely with a different kind of speed that we cannot really explain although it’s the same 365 days.

Indeed, a lot has happened – on social media, we have seen some joyful moments, sad moments, historic moments, weird moments and a lot more.

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And our celebrities have also played their part in being on social media living the celebrity life as they please.

Some have had their best travelling experience, others have built mansions, some have given birth, others have joined the table of men and some have also fixed their bodies.

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For the purpose of this piece, let me bring to you a full list of celebrities who have done butt surgery in 2021.

There are a few reasons listed on why a full-grown healthy woman would desirably go under the knife to have their body revamped or worked on.

Some have said that it is for them to look good, I mean for esthetics purposes whilst others have also claimed it’s to boost their confidence level.

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Without much ado, let me list the names of the celebrities below as I tackle their cases one after the other

  1. Nana Ama McBrown

Ghanaian Celebrities Who Went For Butt Surgery In 2021
Ghanaian Celebrities Who Went For Butt Surgery In 2021

Late last year 2020, veteran Ghanaian actress, Nana Ama McBrown was in the news for allegedly going for butt surgery with a fake name.

On controversial social media gossip blog, those called celebs, an unidentified gossiper who happened to work or know someone who worked in the supposed Ghanaian health facility where McBrown allegedly went to fix her butt exposed her.

That was after the media personality had subjected herself through rigorous exercise intending to be working on her shape.

Again, somewhere in 2021, McBrown made news for allegedly going for butt lift after one of her travels.

She caused a massive stir on social media after releasing explosive photos that showed that her nyash has been inflamed!

  1. Fella Makafui
    Ghanaian Celebrities Who Went For Butt Surgery In 2021

    Actress Fella Makafui was forced to somehow confess that she’s gone under the knife for butt surgery this 2021.

Fella Makafui’s known round and curvy shape all of a sudden became extremely huge after she delivered her baby girl, Island.

Following Fella Makafui’s delivery, she started to advertise for Simply Snatched waist trainer to convince her followers that she’s got all her shape by using the belt.

But she was called out by a social media user who seemed so sure that Fella had gone to Obengfo to top up her shape. Responding to that, Fella claimed that after going for the surgery, she still needs the trainer to keep her shape intact.

3. Empress Gifty Osei

Ghanaian Celebrities Who Went For Butt Surgery In 2021

Gospel musician, Gifty Osei is said to have allegedly gone for butt surgery this year.

In fact, I personally do not know what sort of magic would let one go from being round and chubby to being this snatched and trimmed.

Empress Gifty Osei had a flat butt with a thick and heavy waistline but she popped up one day on social media looking like a barbie doll.

Since then, she’s stopped wearing loose dresses to flaunting her big butt in tight clothes.

Some personalities including Delay have tried to deny allegations of her butt surgery but she herself doesn’t have the boldness to lie. She’s been mute since!

4. Maame Serwaa

Maame Serwaa

It’s obvious that young and talented Kumawood Actress Maame Serwaa is a thick Bae. She is emphatically thick at all the vital parts of her body.

However, Maame Serwaa recently went viral after rumours that she’s gone for a tummy tuck.

According to rumour mongers, she has gone to remove some fat from her tummy and dumped it at her butt. Recent photos of her are insanely outrageous!


  1. Sandra Ababio

    Alleged girlfriend of Lilwin, Sandra Ababio makes this list of 2021 butt fixers. The Kumawood actress has been living a low-key life but she’s definitely doing a lot undergee.

Recently, she made some travels to some unknown places.

Following her trips, it’s been said that she’s gone to fix her nyash as they look bigger than they were.

Apparently, Sandra Ababio runs adverts for big butt products after fixing her own.

6. Sista Afia

Ghanaian musician Sista Afia’s butt surgery gist was le#ked by her number one rival Efia Odo. They two recently had a rift where Sista Afia chuckled at Efia Odo for complaining about why some celebrities see the latest iPhone 13 as an accomplishment.

Firing back at her, Efia Odo who has always body-shamed Sista Efia and called her hippopotamus sarcastically teased that she’s gotten herself a new body and she likes it.

  1. Bofowaa

    Popular Ghanaian Pastor Rev Obofour’s wife, Bofowaa is allegedly cited as one of the celebrities who have boldly fixed their shape.

Bofowaa’s alleged butt surgery gist was disclosed by her friend turned enemy, Afia Schwarzenegger a few months ago.

Afia alleged during a fight that Bofowaa paid huge money to fix her butt at Obengfo’s facility when there are poor and hungry people in her husband’s church.

Bofowaa failed to respond to that but as usual, she threw shades at her.

8. Kisa Gbekle

Kisa Gbekle is obviously the latest to join the squad. She had her butt surgery a few weeks ago.

Unlike the other celebrities who do it secretly and deny ever attempting that, Actress Kisa Gbekle openly announced on social media that she was going for a bigger butt.

And after everything was done, she shared a video flaunting her newly acquired asset.

9 Sandra Ankobiah

Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah is one of the obvious butt fixers we have seen on social media. She has gone from a completely flat a** girl to a curvaceous lady.

The slay queen lawyer recently caused a stir after she stormed a program with her nyash on display. Her unbalanced butt disproportional to her legs had fans worried that she may have gone for a top-up this year.

10 Salma Mumin

Salma Mumin has always made this kind of list but she keeps denying it.

According to her, she has not gone under the knife for butt enhancement although everything shows that she’s grown a bigger butt overnight.

Recently, Salma disclosed that she’s gotten fat during one of her trips, and strangely, it was her butt growing big!

This is the end. We will update the list if in the future more of our celebrities join the squad.

Hope you had fun reading?


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